I have arrived!

i woke up this morning in Abiquiu, New Mexico, where I will stay in an authentic village casita for 15 days.


so, my very good friends and family keep requesting that i do a blog while traveling. despite all the anxiety of actually doing this and feeling not funny enough or even good enough at using a computer, i will give it a go. please be gentle 🙂 i love you all.

today i drink a bottle of merlot from a new mexico winery. it’s excellent. i color, in my modern mandala coloring book, a gift from mom. there’s something about this that makes me feel light and far away and inspired. i write in my journal. i take oskar for a walk through the pueblo down the hil, past the churches, and i try to take in everything that’s happening and everything i see and hear and smell and I’m overwhelmed. i’m moved by the architecture and rustic reality that still remain in this country. i’m so grateful to be lucky enough to see this. it also reminds me of how very different our lives are.


i walk back to the casita slowly and i see people working in their yards, that are made of sand and rock and cactus and random yellow daises. i hear a lot of dogs barking. i feel the heat of the desert and the welcoming breeze. i feel the pull of oskar in his harness, pushing on for more and more adventure. i try to take it in and start thinking about everything i want to do here, should do. i’m overwhelmed. so i color and drink wine and do a little yoga in the courtyard. i will enjoy a quiet night, under the desert stars and a beautiful bedroom looking out over the canyon. i will do no more than this, because look at how much experience and cancercationing i did in just this one day. today i was cured. i have more days and more time ahead.


5 thoughts on “I have arrived!

  1. hey Ange , I had no idea you were going through all this! I’m relishing in your blog! I went to alaska in June and I took away so much from it! I’m sorry for your illness but know you will live in every moment! so happy for your opportunity ! be safe and keep blogging 😊


  2. you are amazing….. I love you. And I’m so happy that you are doing this…. Here’s to the start of the new life….. Looking forward to the next entry!😘


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